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STM32 Primer I/O header hack

Monday, April 13th, 2009

The STM32 primer is an excellent tool to start playing with the Cortex-M3 based STM32 microcontrollers. The STM32 Primer features an STM3210B microcontroller (128 Kbytes Flash) USB connector, 128×128 color LCD, MEMS sensor, IrDA connector footprint, buzzer, LEDs and push button.

It also has a solder footprint (2mm spaced) with some communication signals exposed. I created this weblog to document how this extension port can be used.

It is located next to the rechargeable batteries:


I extracted the pinout from the schematics:


and the pinout is as follows:


Some signals are already used by the included peripherals, like the accelerometer. Please, verify the complete schematics available here (You need to register to access the resources documents).

You can solder some wires to the footprint pins or you can solder a 2mm pin header, male or female. I have the 2×12 2mm female header (purchase), so I used it to create a socket for this hack. The socket is a through-hole component, so I bended the pins outwards to solder it as an SMD socket.